Description: I`m a Redhead. Redheads are physical and sexual. I love expressing myself through sensuality and my physical body. I live my life in the here and now with zest, strength, courage and self-confidence. Dare me if you are a gentleman!
Expertise: There`s passion. There`s sex. There`s love. And then there`s this-I have set your imagination on will never burn like this again, except with me.
About: Relax.Slow down.Have you ever just watched me undress? Watch me.Let me take my time.Pick me up, sit me down on your lap and run your hands down my spine.Grab me by the nape of my neck and kiss me once and for all.Kiss me thoroughly.This is as close as two bodies can get, figuratively, and literally.
Turns On: It`s not about making me scream,it`s about making me forget to breathe.Make these minutes and moments matter.Make me remember.It`s not a race.Leave your mark on my body.Leave your mark on my heart and memory.Let me ride. Go deeper, slower, longer. Make heat where our bodies meet. There`s passion.
Turns Off: Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman. is a matter of choice.
Toys Or Props: