RayanTref I like it when a person is open to communication and is not afraid to tell me about his experiences and feelings, hobbies in sex, and can also tell me about his suppressed desires. You can be yourself in my room. That`s what I like about people.

Just imagine. We are sitting after another party, tired but happy, I begin to slowly get close to you to start kissing your hot and slightly salty neck. You don`t try to resist because you know it`s useless.

I consider myself a very versatile guy. With me, you have to be calm, sometimes fun and exciting. I`ve been playing basketball and volleyball for a long time. And my height is above average. The size of my penis is also given special attention.<


I like to arrange a show for you, where my task is to make you feel comfortable and desirable. I also like to talk about sports and computer games. I know a lot about them. We can even write poems with you, and then record a track from them together.

Turns Off:

I don`t like to sit around. and I also don`t like rudeness and intrusiveness