Description: I prey on the weak to survive and I prey on the strong to LIVE. I AM THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN! I submit to no one and the only piece of me you`re gonna get is my COCK! I AM your Goddess!
Expertise: I possess a BIG THICK fucking COCK that I fuck sluts with. It that enough for a sexual talent?
About: Some know me because my image is burnt into their memory and their asses still have the shape of my cock. As for the others, u will know me as The One Alpha Woman you seek. Powerful~Elegant~ Refined~Dominant~ VERY Endowed~Perfectly capable of owning ur body and mind and doing what ever I want wi
Turns On: What turns me on? :) Slutty little whores who obey and do their best to please their Mistress and weak unsuspecting men I seduce only to, later on, fuck and abuse them.
Turns Off: If you are not respectful, I will ban you. So behave your best and we will have a very pleasurable time together.
Kinkies: shaved
Toys Or Props:
Languages: english