AvaChannel this is VERY important: I’m a great girl and a great friend, but everything has to begin with a “hi”. Showing off by cutting down other people in chat won’t impress me, nor will talking about people who aren’t in the room. Unless they are also sending me money, they can

i like Massaging my breasts. They work hard and play hard, and deserve the affection and tender care, People who understand that my pussy is indestructible. Do your worst! I DARE you to buzz it and break it My red dildo. He`s been with me longer than any man. I have many favorite outfits but my fav

Hi, my name is AvaChanel and there are a few things to know right away. First of all, yes, I squirt. Which hole that comes from depends on you. I just can’t do it on command. I mean, I’m talented, but I’m not THAT gifted. Second, yes, you can see the boobies. If you wait long en<


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Turns Off:

Hanging out in a chat room and not talking. Seriously, if you can`t play with yourself for THAT long without a glove, lubricant, or a fleshlight, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Asking a model if they want to go pvt. No, asshole, she gets paid more falling asleep in free chat.