Polly_Chandler You can sleep with a blonde, you can hug with a redhead, but you will never fall asleep with a brunette. Do you want to know why? Because we do it better. I`m not here to survive, but to thrive. So let`s start living a little, shall we?

I am incredibly turned on by the very sexy words and phrases that can shower all my virtues, and I`m not just talking about my gorgeous thighs, but also about my elegant breasts. But don`t forget to look me in the eye)

You will find me with a glass of🍾 Moet smiling in the corner of the room🖤. My voice, my smile, my perfume they all give you hints about how am I. Extraordinarily nice, pretentious, insatiable, fastidious and precise. Wanna try?<


Deepthroat )

Turns Off:

I don`t like talking about politics